Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Amazon Comic Strip Superstar Entry

Well, I got eliminated from the comic contest along with my pal Ross. Seeing as he posted his entries online (which are AWESOME for the record, see here: ) I decided to follow suit. So sprawled across this blog post you will hopefully find all 12 of my entries from the contest. If not all here, then hopefully you will find them somewhere else. Perhaps you will pay me and I will mail them to you in a special 12 part collector's edition with real tin foil wrapping (Oooooooo shiny).


  1. Aaaahahahahahah B ren these are fantastic!

  2. hey Brennan-- nice work! Of the new stuff, I particularly love the theoretical physicist one... and bonus points for how nonchalant the rhino on the right looks.

  3. eheheheh... I still love the fact that "pardon my French" is based on a true story :P