Sunday, January 3, 2010

Awkward Silence Greetings

Hi. As you may or may not know (probably not, I wouldn't be at all surprised) I have been working on some greeting card ideas. My idea for greeting cards was cards that caused an awkward silence and conveyed the feeling of an awkward silence, rather than having any immediately discernible punchline as I though that was much funnier. In any case, I have a blog page set up for them and as of now I have 4 cards up to be advertised on the page. Here is a link to the page

And here is a sample of one of the first greeting cards:

Persistance: A Guide to Successful Street Performing

This is my traditionally animated student film called. It was created in the classical animation program at the Vancouver Film School and uses programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, and ToonBoom Harmony, along with an outrageous amount of pencils and paper. And yes, I am aware that Persistance is not spelled correctly. This was ctually done on purpose, and it is a mistake I fear I shall regret forever as people say "Hey Brennan, you know you spelled that wrong, right?"

Persistance: The ruff stuff

These are just a few of the rougher drawings from my student film called 'Persistance'