Friday, July 24, 2009

A Handy Dandy Lifedrawing Portfolio

Hi, I'm Brennan Bova and I'm a soon-to-be-graduate of the Vancouver Film School

We have to make a life drawing portfolio either online or in a hard copy to submit to our teacher at VFS before graduation. As you can see, I chose not to make a hard copy, because I think as an animator I've killed enough trees already, and also I wanted a blog and this seemed like a reasonable excuse to make one.

Below, you will see an assortment of 30 second poses, 2 minute poses, 5 minute poses and a bunch of extra drawings of things like portraits, caricatures, hands and feet, and I also included a few full-body poses since I couldn't remember how long the poses actually were.

30 seconds:

2 Minute Poses:

5 Minute Poses:

Mister B's Awesome Extras:

Anyways, I hope looking at these sketches of naked people brought you some form of joy, no matter how slight. Or, if you like being angry, I hope that upon reading this you froth at the mouth and collapse into a fit of great anger. If the latter is the case, I look forward to your scathing emails and potentially hearing from your lawyer (...preferably not your lawyer on second thought, because I don't have an intricate legal team which I know many of you will find surprising).

In any case, have a good day, or continue having a miserable one (It's not like reading just 'have a nice day' on it's own would have cheered you up, so I thought I'd be realistic about things).

Much platonic love,
-Mister B.

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